The Game is letting everyone know that he is the best emcee to come out of Compton. During a recent Clubhouse conversation with West Coast rappers Kxng Crooked and Glasses Malone, the Born 2 Rap spitter declared that he was the best to come out of his city — even beating out Kendrick Lamar.

“Can’t nobody in Compton out rap Game, n*gga. Can’t nobody in Compton out rap me,” he stated. “Kendrick my n*gga. Kendrick doing his shit. I love that n*gga to death. N*gga, I flew past Kendrick when that n*gga was on foot, n*gga, in a Range Rover and showed him how to do this shit.”

He continued, “Don’t play. Don’t play with Game name. Compton, n*gga. Hardest n*gga in Compton — rapping, lyricist, me. Any n*gga that say any different, I’ll body him and any n*gga he fuck with.”

Game admitted to being under the influence of alcohol during the conversation, however, he stood by his statements. “I’m off a few shots of tequila n*gga and I’m feelin’ real Rosecrans and Wilmington tonight n*gga.” he said, referring to the notorious Compton intersection. “Them n*ggas can’t fuck with Chuck.”

The hosts then asked Game who he considered to be the top three Compton rappers, aside from himself. He named Lamar, MC Ren and DJ Quik.

Lamar has always considered Game to be one of his musical influences. He even dedicated a part of his song, “Black Boy Fly,” to the presence the “Hate It Or Love It” emcee has in their hometown.

Aside from declaring himself the GOAT of Compton, Game is reportedly working on a 30-track album and possibly thinking about retiring. “Do I personally think he’s going to retire? I think not. I don’t think he knows how to,” his manager Wack 100 said. “You know he’s got something for the people because he just felt like they needed it. It’s 30 Game joints — it’s kinda going to be like a Game playlist type set up. We’re calling it 30 for 30.”

Check out the audio below.