Trey Songz was reportedly arrested at a Kansas City Chiefs game last night (Jan. 24) after being tackled by a swarm of police officers. A video of the incident, published by TMZ, showed one cop pinning Trey to his seat while witnesses in the stands yelled at the officer to let him go.

According to TMZ, the incident started with a Chiefs fans at the Arrowhead Stadium heckling Trey from a few rows behind him. Trey asked the fans to stop and a police officer intervened. Witnesses told the outlet that as the cop approached, he immediately went after Trey, catching the Back Home singer completely off-guard. Trey then reportedly tried to defend himself against the officer, who pinned him down to the seat.

A video of the altercation begins after the cop has Trey pinned and a swarm of other officers and a sheriff’s deputy approaches. Fans in the bleachers can be heard yelling, “Get off him!” and, “He didn’t do anything wrong!” Others call for the cops’ arrest and say, “You don’t want to lose your job over this!”

The video continues as the police officer appears to kneel on top of Trey, pinning him to the bleacher seat. Trey gets out from underneath the cop and appears to put him in a headlock as the officer continues to pin him down. TMZ reports that Trey was handcuffed by police shortly after the altercation. The 36-year-old was reportedly arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest, as well as felony assault of a police officer. The outlet adds that Trey was booked on a 24-hour hold and is expected to be released Monday night (Jan. 25).

Trey was a vocal participant in the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer, releasing his police brutality protest anthem, “2020 Riots: How Many Times.” During a protest in Richmond, Virginia; Trey spoke about how images of police brutality and continued systematic racism has affected him.

“They’re hurting my soul… I can’t sleep sometimes,” he told the crowd. “I’m scared for my son. This could be any one of us, any given day. They’re taking our lives as if they can and keep walking… Keep living their life; go home to their families after they take one of ours.”

See footage of Trey’s arrest below.