Third time’s a charm, right? At least that’s what fans who tuned in to the Keyshia Cole and Ashanti Verzuz were hoping. Unfortunately, after two postponements and a month of waiting, viewers were forced to wait a little longer before the showdown would actually begin.

Ashanti showed up on the screen an hour after the anticipated start time, temporarily serving as a hype man before her friend and opponent would arrive. As followers sat tight, many likened Cole’s tardiness to Lauryn Hill’s late concert starts. When she finally came and didn’t seem to be in the happiest of moods, people began to wonder whether she’d just gotten out of a really bad argument with a man or generally had a bad day. Now, inquiring minds can rest as Cole’s DJ has revealed why she showed up late to her Verzuz.

“She didn’t wanna come out ‘cause her screen was blurry,” the “Love” singer’s DJ told 97.9 The Box. “On her end, her screen was blurry. She was there on time. I seen everything. She was there, but she didn’t wanna come out because the screen was blurry and stuff wasn’t right, you know. We couldn’t hear [Ashanti’s] side, so it was a lot of technical stuff going on there.”

Unfortunately, viewers would agree that there were some issues, especially pertaining to the audio.

“Why it sound like Keyshia Cole playing her music off a phone someone dropped in their toilet?” one user asked, while another tweeted, “I know we didn’t wait 6 months for Keyshia Cole to sound like she’s singing into the intercom at my job.”

A third user reminded fans that the Verzuz was a moment for women and R&B lovers despite the horrible audio. “This is a well balanced battle! Music saves the day, the sound issues are jacked up, but we still get to celebrate Ashanti and Keyshia Cole. #Verzuz”