In recent times, R&B has made a great comeback and we’re all here for it (and you should be too!). While this is pleasing news for fans worldwide, the floodgates have opened again for even more dope courtesy of Canadian R&B duo DVSN. Though Christmas was only about three and half weeks ago, the singers gift us with a much needed package in the form of an audible pleasure titled Amusing Her Feelings. If you haven’t been put on game thus far, don’t worry — we all fall short sometimes in life. However, now would be the ideal time to join the party.

Since the release of their debut project Sept. 5th back five years ago, DVSN has been consistently redefining the music scene. From then on, each of their releases displayed their evolution as a duo in a peculiar manner and the evolution of R&B as a whole has been evident. For the EP’s rollout, they dropped off a stand-out babymaker called “Blessings” mid-December and fans knew what was up from there. If you know DVSN, you know that any time they’re set to drop new music, 100% of the time it is worth the wait.

Amusing Her Feelings is the follow up to DVSN’s 2020 success A Muse In Her Feelings. Instead of going the traditional deluxe route that artists have been taking these days, the duo decided to drop off an entire new body of work that’s perfectly aligned with their third studio album.

As the duo continue to make a name for themselves, we’re all excited for what’s to come in the future. Moreover, it seems as though DVSN will put together a trilogy for our pleasure: A Muse In Her Feelings, Amusing Her Feelings, I’m Using Her Feelings.

Press play on their latest effort below.