Plies has said goodbye to his signature gold teeth. In a hilarious Instagram video shared on Thursday (Jan. 14), the Florida rapper held a small ceremony for the gold caps and buried them in his backyard.

“It’s a very sad day today, y’all, it’s a very sad day,” he began, as somber music played in the background. “We’re all gathered here today to bury my gold teeth. I finally did it, man. Finally took my old gold teeth out, y’all.”

Placing the container with his teeth on the ground, Plies doubled up the hilarity by bringing out a spoon to dig a shallow grave.

“Been a long time coming, but change is gon’ come. All these years,” he said. “But like they say, all great things must come to an end. So, finna bury my gold teeth.”

“Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me these gold teeth,” he continued, sprinkling dirt on the box.

“Made a lot of money with ‘em,” he said, in between chuckles. “And ate some of the best nookie this world has ever seen.”

“But moving forward, it’s a different me,” he added.

Plies captioned the video with “#StayTuned,” implying that the hilarious stunt will be followed up with something new from the rapper, whether that’s music or a picture of his new pearly whites.

He added in the caption, “I Just Removed & Buried My Gold Teeth!!!!!! I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!!”

Naturally, tons of fans reacted to the funny video, with Plies and his teeth trending on Twitter early Thursday afternoon. Many said they were eager to see what Plies looked liked without his famed gold smile.

“Ayoo I’m dead Plies really had a funeral for his [g]old teeth,” one fan wrote.

Plies and this backyard burial for his gold teeth is taking me out,” another tweeted.

Gold teeth have been Plies’ signature look, and many other Southern rappers’, for years. See his backyard burial and fan reactions below.