Meek Mill is looking to get into the digital streaming business, and he’s got an all-star squad that will support his endeavors.

On Friday night (Dec. 25), the Dream Chasers founder hit up his Twitter timeline to announce his plans to launch a digital streaming platform along with his fellow emcees Lil Baby and Lil Durk. His goal is to own the DSP with Durk and Baby so that they can call the shots and make a profit. Meek is currently on the hunt for anyone in Silicon Valley who’s willing to help create and develop the digital streaming platform.

“Me lil baby Durkio tryna get somebody in Silicon Valley to build us our own music platform we can be majority owner in!” Meek tweeted. “We will pay!! We need top Silicon Valley steppers please!”

After posting his initial request, Meek also confirmed that 21 Savage also wants to get involved with the project. According to his tweets, the “Pain Away” rapper aims to establish a plan for the DSP in 2021. He also explains that he’s not trying to build the same platforms as Apple Music, Tidal, or Spotify— which he claims is his most profitable platform.

“We not even trying to build the same thing as Spotify …tidal … apple,” Meek explained. “We wanna build a platform/tool and connect it with those big big companies and eat and build up some billion-dollar shit! If you a big rapper that sells a lot and got a lot of influence rap in for %.”

It seems as though Meek is trying to follow a similar path as his friend Jay-Z, who currently owns Tidal and uses the platform to release his music. Meek isn’t a stranger to launching new business ventures outside of his own music. At the beginning of 2019, Meek, Hov and business partner Michael Rubin established the REFORM Alliance, which fights for social issues and advocates for criminal justice reform in the U.S.