/  12.17.2020

Mulatto is on the brink of a name change following years of criticism surrounding her moniker and its negative connotation in the Black community. When she first revealed she might be changing her name, she said “she couldn’t say too much,” but now, she’s giving more insight into why she’s no longer adamant about sticking to the name she’s gone by for so long.

“The older I get, you know, just the state of the world right now with Donald Trump being the president…police brutality, just reaching a point where the world is fed up,” Mulatto said during an interview with HotNewHipHop.

“I was out on the frontlines marching for victims of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole,” she continued. “To me, you get to a point where [the name] is not worth it anymore. I don’t know. Your intention is kind of being misinterpreted. So it’s like you’ve got to self reflect and go back to the drawing board.”

At 10 years old, the Columbus native set out to become a rapper and decided she’d go by the name Miss Mulatto — an alias that represents her heritage as she was born to a Black father and white mother. Years later, it’s the name both old and new fans use to identify her, the name she went by when her music topped Billboard charts and earned recognition from veterans in the industry. Despite understanding the frustration behind the name Mulatto, she admitted that a name change is a risky decision for any artist to make.

“I understand the frustration and I’m listening as an artist, as a creative, but not even just that…,” the “Sex Lies” rapper said. “As an artist that’s this established so far— and I’ve been doing this for so long— they don’t know how big of a step it is to even be considering it. That’s me really being like, ‘Fuck all this money that’s invested on my end, my label’s end, I’m about to switch this whole shit up.’ That’s like, that’s a big step. I don’t need no cookies, but it is a big step for sure. I don’t know my final decision yet, but I’m definitely at the drawing board right now for sure.”

Recognizing that fans might still refer to her as Mulatto if she gets a new moniker, she explained that she will never shy away from it because it made who her she is today.

“It will always resort back to Mulatto because that’s just where it all started,” she told HNHH. “I’ll never want to erase my come up, but you got to also move forward. So I think, yeah, people will always know me as Mulatto, but like, the more aware and mature me will probably have a different name.”


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