Throughout the course of Will Smith’s career, he’s been known to make his fans laugh in one way or another. In the season two premiere of his Snapchat series, “Will From Home,” he focused his talents on bringing a smile to one special person, but the gesture is enough to make everybody happy.

In the season’s first episode, the Men In Black star set out to surprise 14-year-old cancer patient Aiden, working alongside his father, Chuck, to make it all happen. The teen was diagnosed with cancer back in April, but due to restrictions put in place amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Chuck has only been able to entertain Aiden by doing silly dances outside of his hospital room. With a desire to do more, he asked Smith for some assistance, and the actor showed up with some great ideas.

First, the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star tapped Jason Derulo to help give the father-son duo a dance tutorial. Then, if that wasn’t enough, Smith gifted the cancer patient with a PS5, adding in a $10,000 donation to the Cook Children’s Medical Center.

The concept of celebrities shocking cancer-stricken fans with presents or in-person visits is one that has long been practiced as many understand the power the illness has to take lives.

Recently, Beyoncé sent Lyric Chanel — a brain cancer patient — with some pieces from her newest Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration. Jonah DeToro — who recently overcame his battle with cancer — received a McDonald’s action figure from Travis Scott on his 20th birthday.

“I want to give another shout out to Travis for making a difference and send some love to everyone who is going through this,” DeToro said in a press release. “There is nothing easy about a cancer diagnosis, but it definitely helps to have family and friends – not to mention Travis Scott fans from all over the world – who contribute in so many ways.”