It’s been nearly two years since Westside Boogie unveiled his official debut LP Everythings For Sale, which saw 13 tracks and additional appearances from JID, Eminem, 6LACK, Snoh Aalegra, and more. Since then, he’s released a freestyle here and there — “Fade” and “Expose Me” — and has appeared on songs from his peers, including Jay Worthy’s “Bellin,” Reason’s “Trapped In,” SiR’s “Rapper Weed,” and Courtney Bell’s “Lion’s Den.” Now, the Compton emcee is back with a new single of his own titled “Outside,” which features Joey BADA$$ and sees production from Mike Lowry, Tae Beast, and Rascal. The track is centered around Boogie’s current status in hip hop and his grind towards the finish line:

“Know it’s all ‘bout the finish, I think I’m bein’ too timid, I think I need to get with it, I think the reason I’m missing’ ‘cause I been lackin’ precision, I think the credit they owe me should never come with a limit/

I’m the best rapper that, wait, I’m the best rapper alive, I’m talkin’ n***as that’s sinnin’, I’m talkin’ n***as retired, I’m talkin’ n***as that’s comin’, I’m talkin’ n***as that’s tried, I’m talkin’ n***as that died, I’m talkin’ all ‘em combined…/”

“Outside” was preceded by social media clips showing Boogie being kidnapped by social media star Fort Knox, without any chance of release until he liberates some new music. In addition to a number that fans can call, Boogie also teased the single rapping its beginning lines in one of the videos.

Prior to Everythings For Sale, Boogie made a name for himself through the classic mixtapes Thirst 48, The Reach, and Thirst 42, Pt. 2, the last of which boasted memorable standouts like “No Way,” “N***a Needs,” and “Won’t Be The Same” with Ayo The Producer. He eventually signed with Eminem’s Shady Records imprint in 2017.

Press play on “Outside” below.