It’s been a little over a year since Summer Walker sung her way into our hearts with her debut album, Over It, yet so much has happened since then. The LVRN singer became a platinum-selling artist, performed in front of fans on tour, won a few awards and recently revealed that she is expecting. Now, she’s adding to her list of accomplishments with her latest venture.

In an interview with Billboard, the Last Day of Summer star announced the launch of her very own record label titled Ghetto Earth Records — a name based on her observation of the planet where we all live.

“I came up with Ghetto Earth because earth is ghetto,” she told the publication. In regards to how she plans on running the label, the “Body” vocalist revealed that she wants to be a leader that gives her artists freedom to create. “I don’t wanna be controlling over my artist’s music,” she explained. “I want them to be fully involved in everything they put out. I’m just here to support and help them get to wherever it is they’re trying to go in life.”

Walker’s first act is singer/songwriter NO1-NOAH who is featured on her “SWV” and “White Tee.”

“I’m excited to show people my music, and what I have to offer,” he said before explaining why the record label is a great fit for him. “I feel like being on Summer’s team, Ghetto Earth Records, is the right home for me to be as creative as possible as an artist. She’s really understanding of what a true artist is, as she is one herself. I’m free to create here, and it’s always a great feeling as an artist to be able to make music for a team that gets the sound that you’re trying to create.”