Fat Joe is offering a word of advice to fellow rappers in the game after a series of emcees were shot within days of each other.

During a recent episode of REVOLT’s “The Fat Joe Show,” the Terror Squad veteran chopped it up with Maino about the recent arrests and deaths that have taken place in hip hop, including the fatal shootings of King Von and Mo3. “Rappers are in danger,” the “Lean Back” emcee said, which is what he wanted to label the title of this show.

He continued, “We seeing rappers getting murdered every day. We’re seeing rappers go to jail for big shit. This ain’t little shit, Maino, right? How have you managed to stay out the way, like to get caught up with these things?”

Maino then responded by saying it was “easy” for up-and-coming emcees to get back into old habits. He also said that hope was the only thing that got him through his three-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

“When you working toward something, you’ve got a purpose,” he said. “You set these goals for yourself, you got somewhere to go with that. The problem is that we losing focus in what is important and what’s not. Like I said before, music was a way out. That’s a door to something different. The opportunities is endless. We don’t have to dodge street n*ggas. How? I don’t want to die there. That’s counterproductive.”

Joe said that the purpose of their conversation was to inspire those who were “very bright, very good at what they do and just need some talk from some real guys to steer them in a better way.”

“Boom, I moved on and never looked back,” he continued. “I said, ‘Alright, I’ma do it in this rap shit like you did. I’m gonna do this rap shit and that’s it.’ It’s gotta go here.”

Check out the interview below.