Wendy Williams’ mother Shirley Williams has passed away. Williams confirmed the tragic news during Monday’s episode (Dec. 7) of her syndicated talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show.” With her voice wavering, the television host said her mom died “many, many, many weeks ago” and was “surrounded by love.”

“Gone is the best mother [and] the best girlfriend that a girl could ever have, and I feel fortunate that I had her in my life all of my 56 years,” Wendy said. “… People in my age bracket… you’re really luck to have your mom and dad together in a happy marriage — 65 years [they were] together in a marriage.”

Wendy reflected on her close relationship with her mother, saying they talked like “girly,” “giggly” teenagers.

“We would do our nails together… and then we’d watch ‘Housewives’ or ‘American Greed’ on TV,” she remembered. “Sometimes we’d be on the phone for so long, that we’d literally fall asleep with the phones right here.”

Wendy further explained that Shirley “passed away beautiful and peacefully” and “didn’t suffer, not one bit.”

She will always be here,” the media personality added.

Earlier in the morning, Wendy’s friend and comedian Luenell penned a tribute for Shirley on Instagram.

“I can not express how EXTREMELY heartbroken I am for u at a time like this,” Luenell wrote. “I know you, I know you will probably never see this and I’m not going to bother Calling you yet but…I just want to go on record and say Rest In Heavenly peace Momma Shirley Williams. It was a pleasure to have gotten the chance to meet your Mom Wendy and spend time with her. I got you. I’m here if you need me.”

Per Bossip, another family friend and journalist also paid their respects to Shirley on Facebook.

“One of my granny’s best friends for 83 years passed away…Mrs. Shirley Williams,” the post read. “Always available for my granny and our family, she flew in to share this beautiful speech at granny’s 100th birthday. Mr and Mrs Williams is truly what the kids now call #CoupleGoals. May she rest peacefully and prayers to @wendyshow and the entire family.”

Rest In Peace Shirley Williams. See Luenell’s post below.