Rich the Kid is claiming that he was discriminated against when he tried to board an airplane on Friday (Dec. 4). The rapper went on Instagram Live to capture the moment airline personnel asked him to not board a flight after they claimed that he smelled like marijuana.

The rapper went live while on the boarding ramp and showed himself and his team being escorted off the plane and told to go back into the gate inside of the airport, even after he went through TSA before entering the plane. He shared some of the interaction in which two people asked him and his team to step away from the plane.

“You’re going to racially discriminate me? Guess what? Look!” he said, while holding the camera. “She’s trying to tell me I smoke like marijuana. I don’t even smoke marijuana, woman. I don’t smoke!”

“You need to get out,” the woman said and he said: “No, I don’t have to get out!”

The second agent asked them to “hang out at the gate for a second,” and the rapper told them he went through TSA and all the proper security steps before entering the plane.

“I’m in first class and she’s trying to tell me I smoke like marijuana, I don’t even smoke. I do not smoke. Guess what? Hold on. The world is going to know. Your son, you have kids? He probably knows me,” he said. “Hold on, since you want to play, you don’t know who I am.”

Another airline agent says: “It don’t make a difference.”

Rich responded: “So she’s trying to racially discriminate me? Telling me I don’t know what I’m doing? That I’m high? I don’t even smoke weed. That’s what she said, ‘He smells like marijuana.”

“Race has got to do with it,” the second agent responded. “How does race come into this?”

“That’s what she said! That’s not a probable reason,” the hip hop star added.

The “Talk to Me” rapper continually expressed his concern about missing his flight, even though the airplane staff said it wasn’t time for takeoff just yet. At one point in the live, he said he will be contacting his lawyer regarding the incident. “I’m very rich. If you didn’t know that, I am a very rich guy. My lawyer will be contacting you,” he says once they stepped into the boarding area and the staff starting collecting their information again. It is unclear whether or not Rich the Kid and his team made it on the flight following the incident.