Brooklyn’s very own Sheff G just announced this month will see the arrival of his new project Proud Of Me Now, which will officially be available on Dec 16. To warm fans up to its release, the emcee shared “Lights On” and now a new cut “No Negotiations,” where he flows with aggression:

She look gorgeous on the wake-up, bad lil’ bitch fucked up her make-up. Catch ‘em speedin’, racin’, AMGs, police can’t chase us. Catch me at a function, only baddies at this function. Look, step on my feet, bitch, we gon’ jump you. Spend like ten at Webster, Dior what I’m steppin’, my bag Louis V. Glocks with beams all up in his V, run up, you gon’ see. Heard of me, pussy, why you flexin’? Know you heard of me. Look, like me, then we fuckin’, don’t start stalkin’ me. Huh, look, point to where the money, get a sis’, bring your friends.

The video, co-directed by Sheff G and A Zae Production, reinforces Sheff’s status throughout his home turf of Brooklyn. The new track and upcoming project arrives on the heels of the partnership with RCA Record and Winners Circle Entertainment co-led by Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow, Winners Circle kicked off the partnership with a Sleepy Hallow single, “Tip Toe,” featuring Sheff G.

In a previous interview, Sheff G details his ever-expanding sound and his shifting mood:

“Think about it. You don’t feel the same every day when you wake up. Sometimes, you wake up and you mad. Sometimes, you wake up money-hungry. Sometimes, you wake up sad. Those are the songs you go to. You can hop in the car and play you some soulful shit or some drill shit. I’m not tryna do a tape of just one sound. That don’t make no sense. I want to make a sound that lasts forever, not just one measure of time.”

Check out Sheff G’s brand new video for “No Negotiations” down below.