Boosie received a visit from a former friend and collaborator following his shooting. The Bad Azz emcee took to Twitter to reveal that Webbie stopped by to check on him as he recovers from his injuries.

“My Nigga Webbie Pulled Up On Me,” he tweeted. “That’s Love.”

Boosie and Webbie collaborated on quite a few records including “Wipe Me Down” and “Independent,” but the two appeared to have gone their separate ways in recent years. Last year, the Louisiana native told DJ Vlad that they had some differences, but insisted there was no bad blood.

”It ain’t me dawg, we just don’t see eye to eye on some shit…I still love him [but] I feel like it ain’t me…We just gotta get on the same page,” he said at the time. “Hopefully, we get in there, we make some more classics, but every month and a half, I’m dropping a classic.”

Back in March, however, the “Nasty Nasty” star told fans to refrain from asking him questions about Webbie, and the comment prompted social media posts from both rappers that were seemingly aimed at each other.

Amid a series of post that have since been deleted, Webbie shared a message that read, “Some people can only talk about you, because they lost the privilege to talk to you.”

Boosie later reacted with a lengthy post, addressing a rapper that he tried to help “millions of times.” In the caption, he mentioned that his attempts at bringing the emcee on tour and to the studio were met with a lack of interest. “U the one to blame for your downfall,” Boosie wrote. “I can’t make u rap n I can’t make u hustle. It gotta be born n you.”

Boosie was shot in the leg while in Dallas to pay homage to the late Mo3. Though the details of his reunion with Webbie have not been disclosed, it’s good to see the two have reunited.