In the month before the election, 50 Cent endorsed Donald Trump for president and claimed to take issue with Joe Biden’s tax plan. Now, in a new interview, the New York MC has revealed it wasn’t just a proposed spike in taxes that had him considering voting for Trump.

“They offered me $1 million to go to Trump’s inauguration,” 50 said on a new edition of “The Breakfast Club” Tuesday morning (Nov. 17). “… [They initially offered] $500,000 and it went up to $1 million while I was still confused with whether I should do it.”

Although he debated taking the money from Trump’s administration, 50 said he ultimately “passed on it.”

“[Trump] was needing [my endorsement] for the same reasons you see now; he participated with different artists… [to get] the Black vote,” 50 explained. “And I’m going, ‘Nah.’ I ain’t gonna put myself in that position. ‘Cause I don’t know what I’d have to do to recover from that.”

After he declined Trump’s offer, 50 watched a news broadcast about Biden’s proposed tax plan.

“And you see later… I’m watching the news… and I see Biden’s tax plan. 62 percent. And I go, ‘Woah.’ We missed that part,” he said. “They never talked about that part.”

The “Many Men” artist then took to Instagram to bash the plan and declare himself a Trump supporter. However, 50 said he didn’t know that post would “put [him] on the cover of the newspaper” the next day.

Although 50 ended up backtracking on his support for Trump after a public exchange with Chelsea Handler, several other rappers doubled-down on their endorsement of the current president. Lil Pump spoke onstage at one of Trump’s final rallies and Lil Wayne posed for a photo with the politician on social media.

In their interview, Charlamagne Tha God asked 50 if he thought Wayne was offered money in exchange for the endorsement.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” 50 replied. “Easily; he got paid. He had the sweater and the picture.”

Watch a clip from the interview below.