For the last few days, Americans — eager to know the winner of the presidential election — have been waiting as battleground states tally up their remaining ballots. Nevada has especially been trailing behind, and impatient citizens have gathered outside of counting centers to demand that votes be counted quickly.

On Thursday (Nov. 5), Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria revealed that he and his staff’s safety was at risk as some of the protesters stationed in front of the centers were armed. “I can tell you that my wife and my mother are very concerned for me … I am concerned for the safety of my staff,” he said during a press conference.

He said his staff was beefing up security and paying attention to the vehicles making their way to and from their offices, adding they will continue “doing what our duty is and counting ballots.”

Gloria previously explained that the delay in counting votes was partly a result of “technical difficulties,” noting he and his workers were “very near” the end of tabulations. But his update wasn’t enough to stop social media jokes from coming Nevada’s way.

Nevada counting ballots,” one person tweeted alongside a video of Bryan McKnight singing his classic single “Back At One.”

“This the mf counting the votes in Nevada,” read the caption of a picture of the sloth from Zootopia.

Gloria is only one of few elected officials that have expressed their safety concerns as they continue counting ballots.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel asked for people to “stop making harassing and threatening calls” to her staff, and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said that her staff was under the protection of sheriff deputies, especially after over 100 Trump supporters stood outside of the Maricopa County election center in Phoenix with rifles and handguns.

Joe Biden is currently leading in Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona. He has also taken the lead in Pennsylvania, which holds 20 electoral votes and could lead him to victory if he wins the state.