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Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor Symone Sanders tells it straight about his campaign

Amanda Seales and Symone Sanders appear on this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” to talk Joe Biden, Election Day 2020, and Black trauma.

Introducing Joeprah. That’s Fat Joe’s new nickname thanks to his brand new REVOLT series “The Fat Joe Show.” On the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with some of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Get into it.

As we all know, REVOLT has never been afraid to dig into politics and this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” is on the same type of time. Back for an extremely timely conversation, Fat Joe sits down with Amanda Seales and Symone Sanders, two Black women with voices and fearless spirits who stand behind who and what they believe.

As Election Day nears, Joey Crack got straight to the point during his chat with Joe Biden’s senior advisor, Symone, asking why we should trust him. Her response, “I believe Joe Biden and Harris’ presidency is going to save lives. I believe that Biden and Harris are right for this moment.”

The former press secretary for Bernie Sanders says she’s worked for Biden from the very beginning of his 2020 campaign. Throughout her journey, she spoke with several candidates, but chose Biden due to his diagnosis of America’s current situation.

“I made the decision to go with Joe Biden because when I sat down with him and he talked to me about why he was running for president, what he was seeing from the White House — an abuse of power. This division of race in this country, the president saying it’s good people on both sides in Charlottesville. He (Biden) correctly diagnosed what America was going through. He said he’s in this to restore the soul of the nation.”

From this, Symone knew she was to be by his side for the entire election process. To her and Biden, the diagnosis was simple, a “no-brainer.” “I believe Joe Biden understands. Now does he have it a hundred percent right? No, but who does?” she added. “But he’s willing to listen. He’s empathetic. He’s the leadership I believe America needs.”

As the conversation continued, Joe brings up the celebrities endorsing either Trump or Biden by saying that it’s almost as if Black people are born into the democratic party. He also compared 2020 to 1960 due to consistent racial tensions and injustices toward Black people. While many may believe it’s not possible, curiosity will always beg, when will Black people receive their just due?

Symone, a firm believer in the Biden/Harris campaign noted that first, Black people have to get into the news and understand things that are being said. Bringing up the millions of COVID-19 cases that disproportionately affected the Black community, she detailed that its death rates are to increase drastically along with unemployment.

“If [Biden/Harris] are elected, they have to do some work on the economy,” she stated. Detailing the Racial Equity Plan that specifically targets the economy will build programs that directly help BIPOC communities. Symone then explained that Trump has tried to undo everything Former President Barack Obama put into place, mainly affordable healthcare, simply because it was created by the Obama Administration.

“From day one when President Trump got into office, it has been his mission to undo anything President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had done while in office,” she stated. “The reality is, healthcare is on the line this election.”

She cleared the air for those on the fence or who have asked the same questions Fat Joe prompted her with. This isn’t a popularity contest, but a fight to a better life. “The key for me really, and I think a lot of people out there, is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are people that we can hold accountable.”

Though Election Day is days away, Joe also spent time this episode talking about Rayshard Brooks’ death, which he used to allude to the overall Black experience in America while touching on family structures and trauma. He and Seales got into the importance of Black fathers, as so many like Brooks are taken from their families at the hands of those purposed to protect to serve.

She stated: “If we talk about the way those systems are carried out, the people who are in place to assign those systems to the people who need help to create the legislation around those systems, they don’t have the interest of families, specifically of underprivileged families or Brown families at hand, and that’s the facts.”

Watch this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” above!

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