Today (Nov. 5) marked the second morning since Election Day that many woke up to discover ballots are still being counted, and the winner of the presidential election has not yet been announced. Social media users and celebrities alike are growing weary, while others are getting antsy about this year’s prolonged process of counting votes. Amid the hilarious commentary was a video of Lil Baby that makes many believe he should have been the one behind the vote tabulation.

The resurfaced clip shows the Atlanta-based rapper quickly counting a large wad of cash. The footage went viral alongside captions that claim we would have already known the president-elect if he was the one to count the large number of mail-in ballots.

Biden would’ve been president by now if they would’ve let Lil Baby count all the ballots,” one tweet read. Other tweets had similar captions, insisting the internet couldn’t agree more.

With an overwhelming number of mail-in ballots sent in as a result of convenience and of course, the Coronavirus pandemic, it was expected the results would take longer than usual to add up.

As REVOLT previously reported, counting mail-in ballots takes time to process as it requires checked signatures, validated addresses and ballots that need to be smoothed out before they are put through counting machines.

Since some states only started counting ballots on Election Day, while others accepted mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day, the highly anticipated election results will take days to come.

Joe Biden — who is on track to win the presidency —has urged his supporters to be patient as every vote is counted. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has suggested the mail-in ballots are being used against him, and is calling for a “halt” to the proper counting of votes.

Look below for the aforementioned meme of Lil Baby. Do you think the government should recruit him to tally up the remaining ballots?