Zack Fox is an interesting creative, to say the least. Expanding from his social media and stand-up brands of comedy, the Atlanta multi-talent began creating humorous-yet-very dope songs in 2018, having since released the singles “Square Up,” “Jesus Is the One (I Got Depression),” and “The Bean Kicked In” — the first two of which were produced by go-to beatsmith Kenny Beats. Over the past weekend, Fox made a return to music with the hard-hitting cut “Stick!”

The track features assistance from Atlanta hip hop veteran Fabo and sees the two rapping about everything from personal wins with sex to more unorthodox subject matter over production from Lukrative and F1lthy:

“They said, ‘What you doing?’ I said, ‘B***h, I’m going stupid’, ‘bout to buy some s*** that’s guaranteed to leave your body oozin’, I been with your baby mama playin’ in her body fluids, my n***as so triflin’, we gon’ hit the club and leave it in ruins/

Oh no, baby, what is you doin’ playin’ with a check? My chain f***in’ hurt, b***h, I need another neck, I ain’t in the trap, b***h, I’m on the internet, and I’m ridin’ with a stick, s*** look like a baguette…/”

“Stick!” also comes with a visual directed by Bobby Lee Palmer that starts with a shot of Zack Fox rapping in a park with a microphone, which gradually zooms out to reveal increasingly random individuals in the background. While he stop to break up an apparent fight, Fabo jumps in and dances his way through his verse, reminding us of why he’s one of the most iconic southern artists this side of D4L (R.I.P. Shawty Lo).

Press play on “Stick!” below. Given how intermittent his releases are, one can’t help but wonder if these songs will eventually lead to a full project from Zack Fox.