It’s been two years since Tierra Whack unveiled her debut album Whack World, which separated itself from other projects with 15 minute-long tracks and equally dope music videos for each. Since then, fans have seen the Philadelphia star continue to deliver unique singles to the world, including “Only Child,” “Clones,” “Gloria,” “Wasteland,” and “Unemployed.” More recently, she joined Lil Yachty, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, The Creator on the Lil Boat 3 standout “T.D.”

Now, Whack is back with a new single titled “Dora,” which is produced by Teo Halm and Frank Dukes and shows Whack seemingly eschewing a relationship for the finer things in life. “Dora” also boasts a whimsical video to match, a trippy journey into what might be best described as a public network children’s show on acid — Garfield, various “Sesame Street” puppets, and the M&M’s character Ms. Green are among the cameos present.

The clip’s director, Alex Da Corte, further explained a deeper meaning behind the video in an official statement:

“On May 1st 1969, Fred Rogers testified before the Senate Committee in defence of federal funding for children’s Public Broadcasting. He said, ‘If we in public television can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable we will have done a great service for mental health…’

Fifty one years later, Tierra and myself still feel it is urgent to find a way to speak to our feelings through music and pictures. Thinking of the ways in which Aretha Franklin, Fred Rogers and Jim Henson navigated the world through good times and bad times with determined positivity was deeply inspiring to me during the making of this video. To make Tierra laugh was in some ways the best I could do on the hardest of days.”

With that said, you can press play on “Dora” below.