/  11.02.2020

A third anonymous grand juror from the Breonna Taylor proceedings is joining the other grand jurors in speaking out against the state’s investigation of the fatal shooting.

On Friday (Oct. 30), Attorney Kevin Glogower, who represents all three jurors, released a statement on behalf of Juror No. 3. “After much reflection, Anonymous Grand Juror #3 has joined Anonymous Grand Jurors #1 and #2 in promoting truth and transparency regarding the Breonna Taylor case,” the statement read. “Anonymous Grand Juror #3 firmly supports the fact that no additional charges were allowed at the conclusion of their service. The legal team for the three Grand Jurors will continue to protect their anonymity and aid them in their courageous efforts.”

As REVOLT previously reported, the first two grand jurors in the Taylor case spoke out against Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and said they were not presented with the option to indict former Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) Detective Brett Hankison on any homicide charges.

“The grand jury was not presented any charges other than the three wanton endangerment charges against Detective Hankison,” said Grand Juror No. 1. “The grand jury did not have homicide offenses explained to them. The grand jury never heard anything about those laws. Self-defense or justification was never explained either. Questions were asked about additional charges and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick.”

Last week, Grand Juror No. 1 and 2 sat down with Gayle King on “CBS This Morning” to elaborate on their statements. They decided to come forward with their truth after Cameron held a press conference in September saying that if the jurors “wanted to make an assessment about different charges, they could have done that.” Juror No. 1 said the press conference was the “first time” he heard any mention of “six possible murder charges.” He added, “It was not presented to us.”

“This was all Cameron,” said Juror No. 2. “This was up to him. We didn’t get a choice in that at all, so I was livid. By the time I heard what he was saying, everything that came out of his mouth, I was saying, ‘Liar.’”

Taylor’s family is now requesting that an independent prosecutor be assigned to her investigation “to present a full and unbiased case to a new grand jury.”


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