Joyner Lucas is known for tackling heavy topics with vigor, and this week just ahead of his new Evolution EP, he returns with a track all about the interrogation process in his new single “Snitch.” On the song, Joyner battles with the voices in his head:

“This your motherf**kin’ conscience, N***a don’t even do it. Don’t start actin’ like a b**ch ‘cause you forgot where you goin’. You made choices that done put you here and now you just ruined. And I don’t care ‘bout why you did it or who got you influenced. Nah, don’t listen to that n***a, that ain’t good advice. If you cooperate then it’s your chance to save your life. Just tell ‘em what they wanna know, and you won’t pay the price.”

Co-directed by Lucas and Ben Proulx, the clip finds a man being questioned by detectives as the story unfolds and escalates. Earlier in March, Joyner Lucas released his album ADHD. The 18-track project included Logic, Young Thug, Chris Brown, Timbaland, King OSF and Fabolous. He also remixed Jack Harlow’s megahit “WHAT’S POPPIN,’” linked up with Ashanti for his “Fall Slowly” visual, and was joined by the legendary Will Smith himself for the “Will (Remix).”

In an interview with Billboard, Joyner Lucas addressed his status as an artist:

I’m an independent artist now. No label deal. No publishing deal. Going through life as a signed artist, I started realizing a lot of these things I could be doing on my own. That’s no disrespect to the label. It just means so much more to not have anything else tied to your art besides you, for you to own 100 percent of everything that you do and not have someone else’s entity, label or name tied to it.

Check out Joyner Lucas’ new music video for “Snitch” down below.