/  10.14.2020

Kenneth Walker’s interview with Gayle King is revealing more of what happened on the night his girlfriend — Breonna Taylor — was killed by Louisville police officers. As reported by REVOLT, Walker told King he’s “a million percent sure” none of the cops identified themselves before barging through Taylor’s front door. In a new clip from their interview, Walker detailed what happened after officers fired 32 shots into the apartment, which he described as “what war probably sounds like.”

“I pulled [Taylor] down to the ground. But, you know, she was scared so she just didn’t get down,” Walker reflected on “CBS This Morning.” He said he had been holding her hand when he heard her scream. When the gunfire stopped, the 26-year-old was still alive and bleeding, and Walker immediately called his mother and 911.

“I told her that somebody just kicked in the door and shot Breonna. And she’s freaking out at this point. But she told me to call 911. So I did,” he recalled.

Walker said he didn’t realize the people who were outside of the apartment were police until after he called 911 and called Taylor’s mother.

“I don’t think I realized that it was the police until I was on the phone with Breonna’s mom,” Walker said. “I thought they was, you know, coming for help. ‘Cause I called 911.”

Thinking that the police outside were there to help him, Walker approached them, only to be held at gunpoint and by threat of “dogs and whatever else.”

Walker recalled one of the officers asking him if he had been hit by any of their bullets. When he answered no, the cop replied: “That’s unfortunate.”

“I didn’t know what to think; I really wasn’t worried about me,” he said. “Only reason I’m even out here is because only way for her to get help in there is for me to be out here.”

With Taylor bleeding from gunshot wounds in her apartment, cops ordered her boyfriend to “Walk.” He said he still has scabs on his feet from the police dragging him barefoot to the squad car over “gravel, rocks and everything.”

Instead of being driven to the police station, Walker said the cops took him to “a random parking lot” where they were met by a plainclothes officer in an unmarked car. The officer, Walker said, spoke to him in a tone that was “way different” and explained there had been a “miscommunication.”

Walker recalled feeling that “something was wrong” when he arrived at the police station and was allowed to walk around freely without handcuffs.

“You don’t allegedly shoot a police officer… and they take the handcuffs off,” he said. 

The cops charged Walker with attempted murder of a police officer, but he was more concerned about Taylor’s wellbeing. The officers never directly told him that Taylor had been killed; he found out about her death on the news from his jail cell.

“I was in the cell and it was, like, on the news… And they said one, you know, female dead,” he said.

According to CBS, SWAT team video showed officers calling the apartment a “crime scene” and saying “She’s done,” as Taylor lay dying.

“They’re still, like, casing the apartment with her laying right there on the ground,” Walker said, adding that they “did nothing” to help her.

Police have since dropped the charges against Walker and a grand jury indicted Brett Hankison on charges of wanton endangerment in the first degree from the shooting. The two officers whose shots hit Taylor — Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove — were not charged.

“To the world she’s just a hashtag; a picture and all of that. But to me it was much more. More than a girlfriend too. I think that’s what I want the world to know the most,” Walker said. “That was my best friend… The most important person pretty much to me on Earth. And they took her.”

“She took care of a lot of people,” he added. “So, a lot of people… they need her bad right now— including me.”


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