Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron criticized attorney Benjamin Crump for creating “falsehoods” about him and his role in the Breonna Taylor case. He spoke with “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday (Oct. 6) and called the lawyer out for spreading misinformation.

“This is the Ben Crump model,” Cameron said. “He goes into a city, creates a narrative, cherry picks facts to establish, to prove that narrative, creates chaos in a community, misrepresents the facts, and then he leaves with his money, and then asks the community to pick up the pieces. It is terribly offensive on his part to push such narratives, such falsehoods.”

Cameron was seemingly responding to letters from Taylor’s family and attorneys that called for the appointment of a new prosecutor. In one letter, the family asked Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to reopen the Taylor case with a new special prosecutor. The other note — addressed to Cameron — alleged he was “biased throughout the process and intentionally deprived justice for Breonna and her family.”

“Because your office is unwilling to fulfill your duties, we demand you that you recuse yourself from this matter and have the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council appoint a special prosecutor who is willing to allow a grand jury to actually do its job, deliberate over all possible charges and render a decision on a True Bill for each,” the open letter to Cameron read.

Cameron announced that none of the officers involved in Taylor’s death would be indicted on murder charges, but he maintained he’s only been doing his job despite the disappointing results from the grand jury.

“As the attorney general, I don’t have the luxury of falsehoods,” he explained. “I have the responsibility to the truth, the law and justice. Ben Crump can make wild accusations and ask for ridiculous things, but at the end of the day, we have dispensed with our responsibility and duty to present the information to the grand jury. We did that in a manner consistent with what the facts and the law are.”