J.R. Smith is not pleased with the lack of COVID-19 protocols practiced by politicians, specifically in Congress and the White House.

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for Coronavirus after learning senior advisor Hope Hicks was diagnosed. Since then, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the president’s assistant Nick Luna were also diagnosed with COVID-19, but their recent diagnoses puzzled Smith, and he began to ask questions.

“I’ve been tested every single day since being in the bubble! How is it Congress doesn’t have a testing protocol?” Smith asked. “If basketball players are being tested daily, why is it not the same for politicians?”

The Lakers player questioned why testing and quarantining aren’t requirements for politicians who interact with various people, noting that athletes must be quarantined for two weeks after socializing with anyone outside of the bubble.

“So I can’t get food delivered from an app without having to quarantine 14 days,” he began, seemingly referencing Sacramento Kings player Richaun Holmes who was forced to isolate himself for two weeks after receiving a food delivery. ”But the press secretary has been exposed to people as well as the president an[d] don’t have to quarantine at all…”

Smith concluded that the athletes have been setting a better example than politicans, making their voices more necessary and meaningful than Trump’s.

“It’s really gotten to the point where the voice of an athlete is more important an[d] effective than the president,” he said. “#ijs, think about the most respected sports figures an[d] let them do one thing inappropriate to looks of society a pose (as opposed) to the actual actions of this ‘president’. Their careers would be over!”

“How dare we let our kids look up to people like you,” Smith continued. “Just complete disgust.. it’s truly amazing.”

The White House has relied heavily on testing and screening all those who enter the building, using frequent testing as a reason why the president isn’t always wearing a mask or being socially distant. However, per CNBC, public health specialists have informed people that testing should not be done alone, but along with masking, social distancing, washing of hands and quarantining of individuals with or suspected to have Coronavirus.