The Alchemist and Westside Gunn have linked up again. The duo shares a new video for “Stained Glass,” which features a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris but with cover art from the Griselda family as the displays throughout the building. The track is off The Alchemist’s recent release A Doctor, Painter & An Alchemist Walk In The Bar with L.A.-based designer Drx Romanelli and painter Spencer Lewis. “Stained Glass” is the only track with full vocals on the 10-track instrumental album.

In his verse on the song, Gunn references Banksy and alludes to a future release he has tucked away:

“Desert Eagle flyin’, somebody dyin’. Lean in your bushes, yeah, the cold head. Pumped down a Valentino leg, a walkin’ pole leg. I know who Banksy is, grab the pot, let me make a wish. Valentino camo handkerchief, can play with it. Left the shower with thе razor grip. Ayy, yo bullets hits your fades with it.

When someone tweeted the Banksy line, Westside Gunn responded to the tweet saying, “Actually the name of something I have in the works.” It is still unknown what exactly he was referring to, but the tease definitely increased anticipation from fans for whatever it may be. The rapper is fresh off his newest project release Who Made The Sunshine, which just dropped last week.

The Alchemist has had a rather busy year filled with multiple releases and collaborations. In 2020 alone, his project releases include The Price Of Tea In China with Boldy James, LULU with Conway The Machine, Alfredo with Freddie Gibbs, and the aforementioned A Doctor, Painter, & An Alchemist Walk Into A Bar. He also crafted cuts for Westside Gunn and Jay Electronica for their respective albums Pray For Paris and A Written Testimony.

Watch The Alchemist and Westside Gunn’s new video for “Stained Glass” below!