Since launching in August as a way to fight the spread of Coronavirus, Ad Council’s You Will See Me campaign has been very successful in bringing attention to the importance of wearing a mask during these times.

According to CDC data, the Black and brown community has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and have significantly higher rates of cases and deaths than white people. However, it’s been proven that wearing a mask can help not only the person with it on from potentially getting the virus, but lessen the chances of that person spreading it if they unknowingly have it.

That’s why a number of your favorite celebrities teamed up for the You Will See Me initiative to further get this information out to the masses. “I’m passionate about slowing the spread of the Coronavirus because it’s impacting so many lives including my own,” former NFL Giant athlete Victor Cruz said. “It’s had a direct effect on people close to me and I’ve even lost people to it. I want to be as involved as possible in slowing the spread of this virus so that we don’t have to see any more lives lost and heartbroken families.”

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles added: “So many healthcare professionals and medical experts have been courageous in doing their part to help treat and manage the spread of the Coronavirus and I encourage all of us to follow their lead and do our part by wearing a mask. Together, we can help make a significant difference within our communities and inspire our families and loved ones to do the same.”

The initiative’s website has seen much traction thanks to the star power it’s used to get the word out about how wearing a mask can save lives. From visitors watching the impactful videos on the site to users using the “You Will See Me” mask social filter, the message is being heard.

So, let’s all be sure to do our part and cover up with masks of our own. And encourage others who you know, who may not be, to do the same! We’re in this together and the more we understand this, the faster COVID-19 can become a thing of the past.

I wear a face covering every day! I keep multiple face coverings in my vehicle to make sure if I somehow lose one, forget one, if one becomes contaminated, or I drop it that I have a recovery,” recording artist Lecrae said. “It’s a part of our new normal and our new reality. In the same way you make sure you have on socks, you need your face mask. In addition to staying 6 feet away, wearing a face mask is a simple precautionary measure we can all take that helps to flatten the curve.”

Watch Ad Council’s You Will See Me PSA above.