Back in March, REVOLT named rising rapper AUDREY NUNA as one of our “Women To Watch,” saying her raunchy and upbeat “Comic Sans” track “shows off her ability to change the tempo and mix genres in just two minutes.” Her latest single “damn Right” further proves the Korean American artist from New Jersey is carving a lane for herself with her stylistic choices and catchy lyrics.

The Loris Russier-directed video for the track takes viewers through a visually captivating house alongside Audrey, as she takes us through several interpretable scenes. The new “damn Right” is a follow up to a year of tracks including “Time” and the Jack Harlow-assisted “Comic Sans.”

On the song, she expresses her take on people’s need to flex:

“I did post, but I’m alone, rich off catfish like petco. Damn right she stole that Bacardi, damn right he drive fake Ferrari. Goddamn it, ain’t even a party without you flexing that Murakami. Always late to the mass, show, tell, never ask. Powerade in the flask, wintertime in this counterfeit bag.”

Audrey Nuna was first discovered at the age of 16 by Roc Nation producer Anwar Sawyer. After steadily dropping singles this year including “Long Night,” the rising rapper is currently gearing up for her EP, which is allegedly coming soon.

In a recent interview about “damn Right,” she speaks about her writing process, saying navigating overthinking is her enemy:

“It’s always been a sh*t show. I’ve always been melody-driven, though. The trap of overthinking shit is a little more present because of the fact that before I was just trying to start and now I have this ambition to get better, which honestly screws me over at times because some of my favorite things I’ve made were the most effortless.”

Watch AUDREY NUNA’s video for “damn Right” below!