It’s never a bad day for some new music — especially when it’s coming from one of A$AP Mob’s front men, A$AP Ferg. Following the success of his debut studio album Trap Lord back in 2013 (featuring the smash hits “Shabba” with A$AP Rocky and “Work Remix”), the Harlem rapper has been on cruise control. While you have some artists who expertise is consistently dropping off new music and some artists who thrive on dropping music and ghosting everyone for extended periods of time, A$AP Ferg is one to stay his own course — at his own pace — while still remaining quite relevant. Today, he lets loose with his third studio album Floor Seats 2.

Update: Despite what you may have heard, A$AP Ferg has not been kicked out of the A$AP Mob collective. Earlier this month, co-founder A$AP Illz said Ferg was “no longer part” of the group, adding in his opinion that Ferg’s recent output included songs that were—again, in his opinion — ”dumb trash.” A$AP Bari seemed to back up this claim, though some subsequent messages from Nast told a different story.

As Nast explained recently, disputes are common in families all over the world. Ferg, however, was not and will not be kicked out of A$AP Mob. Any such claim, Nast added, is simply false. Adding further weight behind Nast’s explanation is the fact that the official A$AP Mob Twitter account retweeted his messages.

Serving as the follow up to his 2019 EP Floor Seats, the sequel is even better and is likely to be put on repeat for many listeners. Ferg managed to secure some thorough guest features including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Marilyn Manson, Tyga and more. It seems like 2020 is the year for Hip Hop groups/label takeovers and with the pleasant news that Ferg won’t be leaving the Mob any time soon, do you think we’ll see an A$AP Mob takeover?

Stream Floor Seats 2 below.