Though cities are reopening and attempting to return to normalcy, the Coronavirus is still lingering around, infecting some and killing others.

Queen Latifah is aware of the effects the virus has specifically had on communities of color and is stepping up to help support individuals that have been affected.

The actress has collaborated with the American Lung Association for #Act4Impact, a livestream fundraiser that will help raise money for Black and Latino Americans that have disproportionately been impacted by Coronavirus. The proceeds from the benefit will go to the organization’s COVID-19 Action Initiative, which will give out free masks, invest in research and brainstorm other solutions that will help to close the disparity gap.

“If there’s anything we’ve seen this year, it’s that there’s some big differences in how people of color are treated in our country whether it’s from healthcare to policing to this pandemic,” Latifah told PEOPLE. “This fundraiser is an opportunity for regular, everyday people to get good information, get a break from the craziness of it all, but also hear from some of your favorite people.”

The #Act4Impact benefit event will air on Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. via the American Lung Association’s Facebook Live. Celebrity friends Whoopi Goldberg, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Just Wright costar Common are expected to participate.

“We all have family. Not everyone in our family is a celebrity or has the luxury of living somewhere with the best healthcare,” she said of her and her famous friends. “A lot of these stars are people of color, and they see how people of color have been affected or know someone who has had the virus.”

“We’ve been sticking our necks out for each other all year,” she continued. “It’s empowering and great to watch. This is another chance for us to come together and do something to make a difference.”