Once again, mystic Outkast member Andre 3000 was spotted playing his flute, and this time he was seen outside of a Georgia shopping mall.

A 12-second video clip of the 3 Stacks run-in emerged on social media Sunday (Sept. 6) afternoon and shows the talented musician, wooden flute in hand, walking up to a man named Jeff Staple who is holding a camera with a huge heartwarming smile on his face.

“Lunch with a [goat] & his flute,” Staple captioned his Instagram post.

It’s more common nowadays to hear a fresh verse from Andre in the form of a feature than it is to hear a solo single from the hip hop icon or see him in public. Over the last couple of years, however, it’s become a wholesome thing to occasionally witness the rare times Dre decides to step outside, open to the chance of being publicly discovered while engaged with his wooden instrument.

The last place Dre was spotted playing his beloved flute in public was at Los Angeles International Airport in 2019. Among the other locations that the Grammy-award winning artist has been spotted playing his woodwind instrument include a yoga class, a Starbucks and while walking down a sidewalk.

Many users have taken notice that Andre’s instrument is larger than what a flute is commonly known to look like and that is because the musical contraption is actually a Mayan double flute made of two resonate pipes. It was carefully crafted by an indigenous man named Guillermo Martinez at Quetzalcoatl Music.

“I did a traditional apprenticeship under a master maker named Xavier Quijas Yxayotl,” Guillermo told Slate in an interview last year.

“It’s based on an ancient Mayan flute,” he added. “Originally they were clay, and I made them in clay, but I was primarily a woodworker so I started making them in wood.”