R&B lovers — more specifically Brandy and Monica lovers — already knew that their Verzuz battle would be one for the books, but damn! According to Verzuz’s official Twitter account, the two legends’ IG Live showdown officially set a record high for viewers of the music battle by reaching over 1.2 million watchers at the same time!

“New record tonight: 1.2M+,” the platform posted on social media. This announcement was especially jaw-dropping when you consider that not 30 minutes into the Verzuz battle, there were already over 1 million viewers tuned in. Stars like Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Keke Palmer, Fantasia, Nicole Parker, Bryan-Michael Cox, Missy Elliott, LeToya Luckett, Johnta Austin, Solange, Queen Latifah and countless others even watched the R&B magic.

The Verzuz had a number of legendary moments that fan loved from beginning to end. From the classic music to the never-before-heard stories to the Black Twitter commentary and much more, this showdown was exactly what we needed after a week — months actually — of bad news that affected the Black community in more ways than one.

We’re so grateful that this Verzuz took place. We honestly didn’t think it ever would. Back in May, Monica said that she would only be down to do a Verzuz with Brandy if it was a “celebratory” one. “I understand the idea of [Verzuz] and I think it’s really, really entertaining and it is an incredible idea,” she said in an interview with V103. “Now what I do like is it’s kind of turning into a celebration. I can handle a celebration. One thing that has happened to me my whole career is being put against someone else that I’m not even remotely similar to. I think the reality is, us being polar opposites makes it dope.”

“The only battle or Verzuz they want to see with me is me against Brandy, and the reality is, people have put us against each other for twenty-something years,” Monica continued. “That would be the only thing that makes sense to me because I’ve been trying to tell people for about 25 years, you can like both! You’re going to turn this into 1998 all over again and I have no interest in that.”