Earlier this month, a white man from Virginia was arrested after he was caught yelling racial slurs at two Black Verizon employees.

According to TMZ, the man in question, Robert Colonna, was reportedly upset because he purchased an expensive phone from the store that was not working properly. A few days after the incident, Perell Wright, one of the employees, shared a video of the events that took place on Facebook. The staff member claimed that the customer attacked him while he was helping another buyer.

“[Colonna] assaulted me before entering the store, throwing phones inside the store, picking them up, leaving the store [and] claiming he had something else for us,” he wrote.

“He used racial slurs and spit at me. I know his name is Robert,” the caption continued. “Robert initially pulled up to the store in a company truck making a hard stop in front of the store before jumping out and assaulting me while I was holding the door for elderly man.”

In the video, Colonna spat on the door and proceeded to call Wright a “f**king n***er.” After the footage received over 1,000 views on Facebook, many people expressed their disapproval of the customer’s behavior.

“If this would have been a man of color the police would have exited their vehicle guns drawn, yelling get on the ground,” one viewer wrote. “This is the privilege of being caucasian.”

Another added, “Dude, I’m very sorry that you had to go through this. And by this, I mean the psychotic guy and the cop that treated him as if he were a sane choir boy. To me, the latter was worse than the former as I know how this would have turned out if there were no cameras. He wouldn’t have been charged at all.”

Take a look at the video here.