Future and Lil Uzi Vert are working alongside legendary director Hype Williams on an upcoming collaboration. On Monday (July 20), the two rappers shared a brief promotional clip for the effort captioned, “PLUTO x BABY PLUTO.”

In the eerie, Williams-directed video, Future and Uzi can be heard planning a money-making scheme to make up for their financial losses amidst COVID-19. The pair hatch a plan outside of a dimly lit laundromat, while menacing music plays in the background. To make the rollout even more intense, both Future and Uzi have also deleted their entire Instagram feeds, except for the new clip.

Although the visual doesn’t reveal exactly what Pluto and Baby Pluto have in store, it does announce that the collaboration will drop on July 31. Other hints at what the release could be have floated around the internet, including an alleged behind-the-scenes clip from an upcoming music video. Furthermore, Future recently updated his Twitter profile picture to a snapshot of both him and Uzi, which fans are speculating could be the cover art of a potential joint project or single.

Uzi and Future have collided on several tracks in the past, including “Too Much Sauce” and “Seven Million.” Back in March, Uzi released his Eternal Atake album followed by Eternal Atake (Deluxe) — LUV vs. The World 2. Two months later, Future dropped off his eighth studio album High Off Life. Both albums saw collaborations between the two rappers, with Future hopping on Eternal Atake (Deluxe) cut “Wassup” and Uzi appearing on High Off Life’s “All Bad.”

Besides teasing new music with Future, Uzi has also recently revealed new details surrounding his next studio album. On Twitter, he wrote that his “new album” is “coming soon” and confirmed to a fan that it would have an “Old Uzi” music style.

See the Hype Williams-directed video shared by Future and Uzi and other possible clues about their upcoming collaboration below.