Last year, rising Alabama artist Lil Bam made a huge impact with his runaway single “Julio,” which ended up appearing on this past February’s Airport Baby — a project named after Lil Bam’s Avondale stomping grounds, an area in Birmingham that sits near the airport. Now, the MBK4L-signed artist upgrades the DreDidIt-produced cut with the assistance from Miami hip hop veteran Rick Ross and Tennessee’s own Jucee Froot, who all effortlessly add to the infectious street cut:

“Draw down like the cops, f*** n***a, freeze, run me my f*** n***a fee, talkin’ ’bout you trappin’, your s*** better be cheap, we’ll go ‘cross your head for a P/

I got his ho, she down on her knees, like Megan Thee Stallion, a freak, I just cashed out, but it’s like it was free, ’cause I ran that back up in a week/

Dolce Gabbana, Dior on my feet, my pockets got stung by a bee, I keep the blue with the blue and the pink with the pink, when I spread it, my s*** lookin’ neat/

I rock the Dickie suit with the Ree, got some money, but still in the street, I’m a real Avondale n***a, free Bleek, Popeyes and Reggies, I want somethin’ to eat/”

Via press release, Lil Bam spoke on the track and how the collaboration came together:

“Jucee and I are both young artists coming out of the South dropping great music right now, so it just made sense. She came hard on her verse… and Ross — he’s an icon — I grew up listening to his music, so this collaboration feels like a milestone in my career.”

Press play on “Julio (Remix)” below. For those not in the know about Lil Bam, the visual for the original version of “Julio” is provided for your enjoyment as well.