Top Dawg Entertainment artist Reason is adding to the current Black Lives Matter soundtrack with his latest single “Field N***a,” a powerful track that sees him diving into our oppressed history over soulful production from Keitel and Nabeyin:

“My master said if I speed up pickin’ cotton, he would let me in, no problem, for a couple sips of water/

Took the water that he handed to me, gave it to my daughter, field n***a/

My master told me to relax a couple hours, to regenerate some power, we been in these fields plowin’/

Sun beamin’ down, had to thank him, ’cause he always lookin’ out, field n***a/”

The track comes with a black-and-white visual that shows Reason and a band performing the track with an “I love Black” shirt, while footage of the current protests are juxtapositioned with shots of slavery and Jim Crow-era life. Reason took to social media to further explain his new drop, which was intentionally released on this year’s Juneteenth holiday:

“This is a song I wrote 2 and a half years ago. Sad to say that today it still applies. When sitting around feeling as though I haven’t done enough I added the last part of this song and shot this video 2 days ago. Love my label for allowing me to give this to you all and I hope it resonates with you the way it did for me when creating it.”

“Field N***a” follows Reason’s latest releases “Might Not Make It,” “Show Stop,” and the Boogie and Ab-Soul-assisted “Trapped In,” which are all expected to appear on the California rapper’s upcoming sophomore studio LP New Beginnings. Under the TDE umbrella, he re-released his debut There You Have It in 2018, which saw 12 tracks and features from Xian Bell, D Beezey, and Space 600.

Press play on “Field N***a” below.