Over the weekend, T-Pain became the latest artist to join in the current fight against police brutality, racism, and systematic oppression with his new single “Get Up,” a call to arms that sees the Florida artist refusing to allow the current injustices to continue:

“Long as my heart beatin’ and I’m breathin’ air, I’ll fight for me, you decide, anytime, anywhere/

And I will never back down from it, that’s not comin’, I just attack from the front, and don’t ask questions or nothin’, do you hear? Yeah/

Yeah, oh, no, I can’t stop now, I gave it my all and it still ain’t enough/

Everybody gettin’ knocked down, the only thing that matters is what you gon’ do when you get up…/”

This week, the T-Pain, LevyGrey, and 11VN production gets a matching visual that sees the 1UP star performing in front of neon lights and, at some points, donning a mask that looks straight out of The Purge.

Via press release, T-Pain revealed that the song was supposed to have been released months ago:

“This song was actually meant to come out at the end of March, but I decided to switch it out last minute and release “Wake Up Dead” with Chris Brown first. We had all of the artwork and marketing assets created months ago. It’s very ironic because it all has so much more meaning to it now with everything going on in the world. I thought it was silly to hold this song. I want people to be motivated, inspired, and to continue to Get Up and push forward.”

Press play on “Get Up” below. Proceeds from the release are said to be going to Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, “a national network of crime survivors joining together to create healing communities and shape public safety policy.”