If there’s anyone that isn’t scared to go up against law enforcement for equal rights, its YG. Back in 2016, the Compton star teamed up with the late, great Nipsey Hussle on the single “FDT” (or “F*** Donald Trump”), which took aim at the current administration as well as the racists that exist within police officer ranks. Now, he returns to the fold with another socially conscious tune titled “FTP” (or “F*** The Police”), which — as you might’ve guessed — holds no cut cards in regards to what’s happening around us:

“F*** the police, that’s how I feel, buy a Glock, break down the block, that’s how I feel, murder after murder after all these years/

Buy a strap, bust back after all these tears, mommas cryin’, how they gon’ heal? How you would feel? F*** silence, speak up b***h, this s*** ill/

Big stick on me, y’all kill, we kill, been tired, f*** cardboard signs, we in the field, It’s the Ku Klux cops, they on a mission/

It’s the Ku Klux cops, got hidden agendas, it’s the truth, I won’t stop, open cases, police already hate me, why not…/”

The song was supposed to compliment a protest demonstration that YG was supposed to hold on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles. He explained the reason for the eventual cancellation via social media:

“I’m not trying to get none of my people hurt or shot so I’mma cancel the date… It’s f***ed up but I’m gonna come back bigger and better. I’m partnering with Black Lives Matter and we gonna do this shit the right way. For the people, for the city, and for all the artists that wanna pop out and participate.”

You can press play on the black-and-white visual for “FTP” below. Whether or not this will lead to a visit to YG from the FBI is yet to be seen.