DaBaby has shared his thoughts about clout chasers in the industry following the killing of George Floyd. Yesterday (May 31), the “Suge” rapper took to Twitter to call out those “who only speak for likes and comments.”

“I always sit back and let the hype blow over before I give my insight so my perspective don’t get confused with all the ppl who only speak for likes & comments, or to save face, or maybe because their PR department, label, or management told em they should make a statement in order to preserve their integrity & not lose fans, business, support from the black community, etc,” he tweeted.

The BLAME IT ON BABY MC then tweeted about his personal dealings with police brutality and racism. He also tells people they need to beat the officers at their own game.

“Ion gotta fake kick it & play sad, This Baby,” he continued. “It’s been FUCK EM & it’s gone be fuck em. I’m really what they consider a NIGGA I go through this shit daily. I’m a real life victim of racism & police brutality. 95% of the people yapping on the net ain’t never been beat up by the police & charged w/ some shit they ain’t even do, I HAVE. Assault on an officer 2017, look it up. Wanna win OUT SMART em, beat em at their own game.”

“& Before I go, all you internet MFs who ain’t never even been in handcuffs before don’t talk to me,” he tweeted. “You don’t know nothing bout this shit, stay focused. Don’t let your intentions get watered down worrying about what ‘famous’ ppl doing with their influence. Y’all be safe.”

Floyd was killed on May 25 in Minneapolis at the hands of four police officers. His senseless death was caught on video by witnesses. Former officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes. Floyd screamed out multiple times that he couldn’t breathe, but his calls went unanswered. While he was unconscious, he was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Check out DaBaby’s tweets below.