It looks like the night isn’t ending without some heat from hip hop legend Lil Wayne. Tonight, the New Orleans veteran unearths the deluxe version of his latest album Funeral, which boasts eight new cuts and appearances from Tory Lanez, Lil Uzi Vert, the Griselda camp, and more.

One standout from the added collection is “Shimmy,” which features assistance from Doja Cat and sees the two on adult time over production from Brandon “B Ham” Hamlin, Ryan Ogren, and Loctor Duke (who may or may not be Doctor Luke, but who’s to know):

“She got a thick ass, ass, with the fake ass titties, like a straight ass man and gay ass women/

I like a bald head cat, so shave your kitten, she leave my tommy gun slimin’, slime my draco, drippin’/

F***in’ right, bust it open ‘fore I bust down, yeah, up, down, up, down, up, down, cut down on the syrup, now I’m up now/

Sike, I could hit it without putting the cup down, I’ma go brazy in the chute, babies in there…/”

Lil Wayne has also been in the news for his thoughts on George Floyd’s death, which he revealed during an Instagram Live session with Fat Joe:

“I think when we see these situations, I think we also have to understand that we have to get very specific. … And what I mean by that is we have to stop viewing it with such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody or a certain race or everybody with a badge… We have to actually get into who that person is. And if we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we’re doing.”

Press play on Funeral (Deluxe) below.