Recently, Maliibu Miitch parted ways with Atlantic Records, subsequently aligning her brand with Entertainment One. Currently, she’s said to be pushing the final touches on her forthcoming EP, and has blessed her fans with a single from the project titled “Double O.” Produced by TGUT, the track sends a strong message to haters of the Bronx rapper:

“Line ‘em up all in a row, I bet you I beat her, I got my haters all runnin’ up, beggin’ to feed her/

’Cause Malii be showin’ out, they’re feenin’ to see her, and Malii be comin’ up, they’re feenin’ to be her/

Louis, the bag, grippin’ the sacks, b***h, I be chargin’ a fee, I’m gettin’ a bag in my sleep, I’ll be doubled up all ‘cause I’m bodying beats/

All ‘cause I’m jumpin’ that heat, jumpin’ that heat, jumpin’ that heat like it’s on, bad lil biddie, runnin’ her city, diamonds dance then they doin’ the running man…/”

The accompanying video comes courtesy of Nimi Hendrix and shows Maliibu talking business through a flip phone and flexing different fashions in what looks like several locations within a single residence.

Speaking to i-D, Maliibu explained the meaning behind the upcoming EP’s title:

“It’s called If Dead Men Could Talk. The name came from one of 50 Cent’s early G-Unit mixtapes called God’s Plan. Through everything I’ve been through, it’s like God’s plan for me to be here. I want my project to be like, if all the OG rappers that have passed away could be here right now, this is what they would want to hear. I’m very throwback-minded with my songs. I want to bring back that old feeling from music where you knew that what the rapper was spitting, they’d actually lived that life. They wrote that s***. They did that.”

Press play on “Double O” below.