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REVOLT TV’s “Untapped” is back with a slew of artists to push you through quarantine and right into summer. The “Summer 2020 Preview” features artists from across the world who’ve gained popularity through versatility and an unwavering ability to create.

Focusing on the visuals to get a better glimpse of their artistry, talents like RMR, Kaash Paige and Journey Gz continuously prove there’s power in going viral as long as you pack in quality back-to-back content. Lyricists like Adé, Symba and Zaia show off their pen work, and flex their abilities to play with words and concepts with such ease. All artists featured carry a unique skill that sets them a part and earned them the recognition on our rundown.

Check out our episode of “Untapped: Summer 2020 Preview” tonight (5/23) at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on REVOLT! Plus, see the artists who’ll be featured below.

1. RMR – “Dealer”

Singer RMR, pronounced “Rumor,” is a viral sensation who dabbles into some rap flows with his latest single “Dealer.” Known for wearing a mask for all appearances, he toys with the idea of being a dealer while simultaneously indulging in the product throughout the video. Giving major Weeknd energy, RMR is a voice for the younger generation, who’s had over 2.5 million views on Youtube so far.

2. Che Lingo – “My Block”

London rapper Che Lingo takes us on a tour of his hood in the video for “My Block.” Booming onto the scene with deep cutting lyrics and a message, the song is an ode to the streets that raised him. Sharing the importance of knowing where you come from, Che is clearly crossing the border to America’s mainstream.

3. Symba – “Serve”

Rising rapper Symba is ready to work — and serve work if he has to. In his latest visual, the Bay area lyricist spends some time behind bars. The video, “Serve” has reached over 100K watches on Youtube in a little less than two months. This is a big feat for an artist who just signed to Atlantic this past March. With Symba’s year off to a strong start, his first single of 2020 set him aflame.

4. Kaash Paige – “Heartbreaker”

Cool girl Kaash Paige’s “Heartbreaker” takes us on a night out with her friends until she finds herself outside her baby girl’s window with a boombox in a fresh fit. She has topped multiple lists here on REVOLT since the start of the year and her buzz just keeps growing. At just 19, she’s signed to a major label and has successfully distinguished herself in the industry as an artist to keep tabs on.

5. Ebenezer – “Flaws and All”

Another U.K. rapper to hit our “Untapped” list, Ebenezer from London gives his all to his love in his latest video “Flaws and All.” With 1.5 million views, he’s gained a massive fanbase with moody hip hop that nearly crosses over to R&B. Honing the ability to write hits, engineer and produce, Ebenezer is a full package artist with a song and sound to share.

6. Teamarrr – “Kinda Love”

R&B songstress Teamarrr is next up with a “Kinda Love.” Sick of being a part of the microwave generation, the Los Angeles artist is searching for something real. As the first talent to sign to Issa Rae’s Raedio label, the singer has gotten vouches from major artists as she navigates colorfully and fearlessly throughout the industry. Following no rules, she’s bound to take us on a creative and carefree journey throughout her career.

7. BEAM – “Unda Armor”

Miami based producer BEAM gained notoriety making beats for artists like 21 Savage and 2 Chainz. Now the producer turned rapper is making a different name for himself and dropping trippy videos like “Unda Armor” to show off his skillset. Hailing from a strong musical legacy, as the son of former dancehall artist now gospel singer Papa San, BEAM plans to stand on his two feet.

8. Zaia – “Demons”

Zaia is sick, tired and distorted, as he runs to escape his ghosts in “Demons” video. The dark in sound and style gives a great taste of the routes the Atlanta rapper is willing to go. Gaining popularity after releasing his latest EP, RESET, he’s proving creativity isn’t dead and rap videos still matter.

9. Sleazus Bhrist – “Keanu”

East Harlem rapper Sleazuz Bhrist doesn’t have the time for fake love. Showing off his speed and precision with the pen in “Keanu” video, the rising artist adds himself to the list of newcomers worth watching. After dropping Passion of The Bhrist just a month ago, he’s already released multiple videos to great reviews and is steadily working.

10. Journey Gz featuring Melvoni – “Who We Are”

Two NYC rappers are the next up for making a big boom on the internet with viral hits like “Who We Are.” Journey Gz and Melvoni tagged-teamed the beat to create a song that flows effortlessly, and highlights each of their strong points. With the video released on May 1, the it has already topping 100K views on Youtube and the fans are asking for more!

11. Bobby Fishscale – “Blue Cheese”

One of the true trap artists to make the list, Bobby Fishscale shows his money, cars and grill with a visual for “Blue Cheese.” The Florida native dropped Super Fishy at the end of March with the featured song as his lead single and it’s been up from there. With the ability to tap into a different set of rhyme, his versatility, but also true nature earns him a spot on the list.

12. Hare Squead – “Minor Gangsters”

Hare Squead is an Irish rap duo responsible for “Minor Gangsters,” an upbeat track with a heavy base and multiple combinations of sounds from around the world. Consisting of Lilo Blues and Tony Konstone, Hare Squead work to keep their sound undefinable and their productions full of fun. Despite their U.K. roots, the two gain major traction within the U.S. just weeks after dropping the hypnotic visual for “Minor Gangsters.”

13. Capolow featuring Guapdad 4000 – “Blood on my Christians”

It only makes sense that two Bay area artists teamed up for “Blood on my Christians.” In what feels like a summer bop, Capolow got some assistance from Guapdad 4000 on the track. For Capolow, this marks the beginning of an exciting career, as the video amassed over 200K views and a vouch from The Ferragamo Falcon, himself.

14. Adé – “Replacements”

Formerly known as Phil Ade, Adé rebranded himself and dropped new music. Now, the DMV rapper does what he wants, how he wants, and parties in liquor stores like a rockstar, as seen in the video for “Replacements.” Ready for more heat, he’s positioned himself to be in charge of how he moves and is using everything he’s learned to maximize his strong potential.