For decades, New York has been known to produce stellar artists of various genres. But for hip hop alone, it’s sort of a different ball game. Since the release of his first EP, Palm Tree Liquor, Kota The Friend has proved time and time again the dynamic of his lyrical abilities on wax. Today (May 22), the Brooklyn rapper delivered his second studio album, Everything, and it’s definitely a sign of greater things to come.

Equipped with twelve records in total, Kota joins forces with Bas, Joey Bada$$, Kyle — even his son, Lil Kota — and more, who are featured guests on the project. A few weeks ago, the rapper explained to UPROXX what the title Everything means to him and what it’ll mean to the average listener:

“When I was in college, I was in a little hip hop trio and I named the first album Anything. I named the second album that we did Everything. So, it’s not only bringing it back because I feel those are just great ideas for names for albums, but Everything is really, ‘Yo what means everything to you? What does having everything mean to you? What does it mean to have everything?’ So, right back to me just making a really positive album, I wanted to make a project that was about manifestation and manifesting the things that you want as an individual and only speaking good things.”

The rapper continued: “So this album, I’m pretty much talking about all the things that I want, what means everything to me, what’s important to me, and what I put before everything else. We have other people on the album — fans, actors, and artists — just talking about what means everything to them on the interludes.”

Take some time out of your night to stream Kota’s project below and let us know your thoughts. Are you feeling it?