Don Toliver has definitely solidified his place as one of the premiere artists of the new wave — mainly in part thanks to his contributions to the Travis Scott-led JackBoys project, as well as his official solo debut Heaven Or Hell. Following videos for “After Party” and “Can’t Feel My Legs,” the Houston artist drops off a new clip for “Cardigan,” which was produced by CVRE, MIDO, Frank Dukes and Sonny Digital and sees Toliver living it up with his special someone:

“I’m finna stand tall in it, I’m all in it, you be on my back like a cardigan, call her again, I’m in love with your friend, we be doing dirt, you hide the evidence/

It’s evident that you ready to rock, hop up in my Jeep and put your pride to the side, go against the gang, you must be ready to hide/

Swangin’ on the corner, bang my TEC ‘til it pop, I thought I was a goner, blessed to your honor, burn marijuana, deep down in designer…/”

The video doesn’t see an appearance from Don Toliver at all — instead, actress/model Draya Michele takes the spotlight as a scorned lover who decided to break into Toliver’s home while he’s not around. She can be seen rummaging through his kitchen, playing pool, and — toward the end — stripping down and creating a sexy video of her own. She then high-tails it when someone, presumed to be Toliver, returns to the residence.

In a recent interview with Complex, Toliver spoke on how he plans to continue to ascend in his career:

“I’m locked in crazy right now… I’m just maintaining my vibe. Making sure I never lose the shit that keeps my shit running, my thought process. The shit that makes me happy: recording. I’m making sure I don’t lose sense of that. Recording is the most humbling, grounding thing. I just lock in, block out the outside world, and create my own universe.”

You can press play on “Cardigan” below.