Currently, Polo G is riding high off the release of his latest album The GOAT, which was released last week and sees 16 tracks with additional appearances from BJ The Chicago Kid, Lil Baby, Mustard, the late Juice WRLD, and Mike Will Made-It. Currently, the project is set to be Polo G’s most successful yet, as it’s projected to secure the number two spot on the Billboard 200 with 85,000 to 95,000 album equivalent units sold.

Following his visuals for “Go Stupid,” “DND,” and “33” comes a new clip for “Wishing For A Hero,” which is produced by The Superiors and features vocals from fellow Windy City native BJ The Chicago Kid. Not only does the uplifting track sample from Tupac Shakur’s classic cut “Changes,” Polo G also sticks with that song’s subject matter about breaking free from oppression:

“Stuck in the system, they just watchin’ us fail while they sittin’ back, the government cuttin’ checks, but can’t cut a nigga some slack/

It’s hard to get a job, so we hustle and flip a pack, tt’s all a set-up, no wonder why they call this bitch a trap/

Life was messed up, a matter of time ‘til that nigga snap, post-traumatic stress, so them triggers keep gettin’ tapped/

R.I.P. Malcolm, I promise to conquer and fill them gaps, them corners leave a nigga boxed in, tryna break free…/”

The DrewFilmedIt-shot visual matches the song’s intensity, with shots of police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. The release definitely proves that Polo G isn’t just looking to rap about ultra-violence and the faux glamors of street life — he’s helping to bring exposure to a community that needs change.

Speaking to XXL, Polo G spoke about the importance of setting an example for his son:

“I have to be responsible with my character, my image and my reputation… I know somewhere down the line, he’s gonna be old enough to see what I’m doing and he’s looking up to me. I have to be the best man that I can be for him.”

You can press play on “Wishing For A Hero” below.