Taking to social media, Kamaiyah revealed that she’s going to gift the fans with new music every Friday, until her forthcoming project is finished. This Friday, she kicks that series off with “Project Baby,” which is produced by LinkUp and shows Kamaiyah making it clear that she’s all about the real and nothing else:

“This life takes bravery, ain’t no fakery, I’m out here touching bread like a bakery/

F*** you, f*** whoever hating me, I only mind the business that’s paying me/

They pray for me, what they say to me, lying to my face that takes bravery/

I done done it all, from A to Z, better worry ‘bout yourself ‘cause there’s no saving me/”

Directed by LouieKnows, the accompanying clip sees Kamaiyah performing in a laundromat and in front of her purple old-school Mercedes Benz, keeping things simple and leaving the viewer to focus on the song’s subject matter. The fact that she seems to keep with quarantine protocol throughout the entire video makes it even better.

Prior to “Project Baby,” Kamaiyah blessed the masses with her latest release Got It Made last February, which features ten tracks and features from Trina, Capolow, and J Espinosa. That project followed the well-received bodies of work A Good Night In The Ghetto and Before I Wake in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Unfortunately, Kamaiyah’s also been in the news for an apparent fallout with fellow Bay Area star Kehlani, which seems to have stemmed over both a song and collaborative project the two were meant to release together. Speaking to “The Breakfast Club,” Kehlani gave her take on the situation:

“I still think all of this sucked for our city. When we come from such a place—if you think about it, it hasn’t been too many people over the span of time, especially women that have really made an impact for Oakland. In the future, we’re supposed to be doing backpack giveaways together. We’re supposed to be doing home town concerts. We’re supposed to be doing fo

od bank stuff. We’re supposed to be leading this for our city. And it’s showing little girls that they have to, at some point, bump heads.”

Press play on “Project Baby” below.