Following Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s “Verzuz” music battle, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland announced who would follow their lead.

“Can we get that? Ludacris versus Nelly? Can we get that next Saturday Timbaland?” Swizz asked Timbaland during a conversation on Instagram Live. “Yes, we can get that. We got that,” Timbaland replied.

After Swizz and Timbaland made the announcement, many fans shared their excitement on social media. “The craziest thing about this Ludacris/Nelly battle is that so much time has passed that there’s a generation now that’s only known Luda as an actor, not a rapper. It’ll be interesting to see some of their reactions,” one fan pointed out. Another added, “Don’t sleep on the Nelly Country Grammar album . I’m choppin that up asap. Him and ludacris have a lot of classics.”

During a conversation with “TMZ Live,” Timbaland revealed that “Verzuz” was created to lift fans’ spirits while staying home. “You know, God works in mysterious ways,” Timbaland began. “Like you said, me and Swizz planned this three and a half years ago and I guess by you know everybody sitting at home — what is the common thing that brings people together? Music.”

He continued, “I mean, you know a lot of people contacted me and Swizz you know on a lot of things, but right now we just wanna keep it for the culture because it’s so organic,” he stated. “We don’t wanna bring that part of the element in right away. We just wanna keep it where people are entertained because we living in a world where 16 million people lost jobs. We don’t wanna get into the politics of it. We wanna keep it natural and fun.”

Take a look at Timbaland and Swizz Beatz’s official announcement regarding the upcoming battle below. Will you be tuning in?