Lil Baby and his artist 42 Dugg are on fire right now. Both have already made an impact on the year, having released the albums My Turn and Young & Turnt 2 to heavy fanfare. More recently, Lil Baby revealed a Deluxe version of My Turn, which sees an additional six tracks — including another collaboration with 42 Dugg titled “We Paid.” Produced by Section 8, the collaborators make it clear who’s running things in hip hop and in the streets:

“‘Fore I go broke like Joc, f*** with that dog like Vick, not that rock, that pit, Palm Angels down to my sock/

Can’t hold my Glock, reason I don’t really like that s***, young turnt n***a, can’t wife no b***h/

Excuse my French, don’t like no b***h, limo tinted, all five of my cars, yeah, I had it hard, seen my bitch broke bad, I ain’t had a heart/”

The KeeMotion-directed video is a lesson in big block V8’s, as the rappers and their crew can be seen racing through the streets in a Corvette and two Hellcats. Ther

e’s even one unintentionally humorous moment where the Hellcats accidentally drive into each other.

My Turn is Lil Baby’s sophomore studio LP and his first number one album on the Billboard 200, thanks to 197,000 equivalent album units sold. Speaking to Amazon Music, Lil Baby spoke on the album and how it correlates with his need to give back — something he recently did by launching a scholarship program at his high school alma mater:

“The My Turn album, it’s me in the present tense. I’ve been rapping for two years and my career’s been going up and up. I’m not associated with the things or the people that I’ve normally been — or are used to being associated with. I’m the same person — that’s mind, body and soul. Physically, everything has changed around me. So, it’s just me rapping on relationships, children, everyday challenges.”

Press play on “We Paid” below.