Jme continues to unveil new visuals from last year’s Grime MC. For his latest, the London star delivers a clip for the Blay Vision-produced “Here,” which sees him spitting about what he’s done for the grime genre, and the infiltrators who are attempting to bleed it dry:

“Man’s just here, been spitting for years, top of the game‚ used to them stares/

Top of the game‚ musical chairs, passing the crown around with my peers/

Blasting the sound we founded and shared, our scene now surrounded by guys allowed to disguise the sound as like theirs/

Vex‚ ‘till I’m about to cry tears, truss, I’m sticking around ‘cause I care, there’s a big piece of the pie for us here…/”

The video sees direction from Matthew Walker and finds Jme in super saiyan do-rag mode. Within a dark, changing setting, the Boy Better know operative can be seen performing both by himself and with his crew, who dance their way into the camera’s view.

Grime MC was released back in November and features additional appearances from Skepta, Big Zuu, P Money, Shakka, Giggs, President T, Wiley, and Merky ACE. Even with the videos coming left and right, Grime MC in still only available in physical or iTunes only format, as Jme decided against adding the release to streaming platforms. He did explain his reasoning during an interview with SK Vibemaker:

In my head it’s nothing, it’s absolutely nothing. It’s just art, you know. Graffiti’s art, but you don’t see graffiti in the Royal or National Gallery, you know what I mean? Graffiti’s on the street. That’s where it belongs… Music’s art. I think that we’ve been told, when you make music, it has to go here. This is where music goes, alright everyone? But, it doesn’t feel like it should go there when I make it.

You can press play on “Here” below, along with another recently released drop for “You Know.”